Rheem Water Heaters in Panama City Beach

Rheem is recognized by homeowners as one of the most reliable brand of water heaters. Home buyers identify product quality with the Rheem name. Frank Wood and Son Plumbing’s ongoing commitment with the people of Panama City Beach has provided the best quality service in repairing, replacing and installing Rheem water heaters. Frank Wood and Son Plumbing has years of experience with Rheem Water Heaters. Our professionals know Rheem Water Heaters inside and out. The next time you have an issue (or question) about a Rheem Water Heater, give us a call.

Rheem Water Heater experts

Rheem Manufacturing Company is a leading name offering a range of innovative Rheem water heaters that are known for their superior quality, operating excellence and durability. Rheem stands out due to its reliability and rigorous industry standards that the products go through.

History of Rheem

Rheem Manufacturing Company was setup in the mid-1920s and somewhere in 1930s Rheem started to manufacture water heaters. Its innovative range of products led to the expansion of the product line to even include heating units for homes, oil furnaces and air conditioners during 1940s and 1950s. Frank Wood and Son Plumbing has been selling, repairing, replacing and installing Rheem water heaters throughout Panama City BEach since they began.

Rheem Solar Water Heaters

  • SolPak: This particular Rheem solar series offer complete solar water heating package system that comes with 80 and 119 gallon capacities.
  • SolPak with Marathon Tank Series: The SolPak features are also incorporated with the Marathon tank series and features a closed loop glycol system.
  • Solaraide Passive Solar System: This Rheem series does not need any pump or controllers.
  • Solar Indirect Series: Available in 80 and 120 gallon models, these solar storage tank is accompanied with internal heat exchanger.
  • Universal Solaraide Series: These are storage tank and electric storage water heaters perfect for storage applications.
  • Solaraide HE Series: This Rheem water heater comes with two options where one is a storage tank or single element water heater.
  • Marathon Thermal Storage Tanks Available in 50, 85 and 105 gallon capacities, this series of Rheem water heaters are designed as a thermal storage tank.

Rheem Electric Water Heaters

  • Rheem Professional Electric Series: This series is designed specifically for professionals and is made up of durable and long lasting components.
  • Marathon Series: This series of Rheem hot water heaters are extremely durable and highly efficient.
  • Marathon Thermal: The storage tank series under Marathon Thermal are particularly designed for installation as a thermal storage tank.
  • Fury Electric Series: Offering a range of different capacity storage tanks, this particular series comes with a host of features designed to offer long-term durability.
  • Rheem Marathon Point of Use Series: Designed for smaller capacities, this particular series of Rheem water heaters are perfect for condos, cabins and light-duty commercial applications.
  • Point-of-Use Series: This type of Rheem hot water heater takes up less space and is designed keeping in mind the limited spaces.
  • Rheem Table Top Series: Featuring 40 gallon capacity, this type of Rheem water heater comes with restored heating elements.
  • Imperial Electric Series: This type of Rheem hot water heater minimizes conductive heat loss.
  • Warrior Series: This Rheem water heater features the unique over-temperature protector and isolated tank design, this series is perfect for manufactured housing


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